N-Crowd ~ Global CrowdSourcing Network

N-Crowd ~ Global CrowdSourcing Network

N-Crowd ~ Global CrowdSourcing Network

Now Is The Time! ~ If You Believe A Better Future Is Possible, Join The Crowd!

ℕ-CROWD ~ Enterprise-class, Crowd & Community Management Platform / Community-Owned Virtual Corporation ++

Now Is The Time!

We're looking for Partners, Sponsors, Co-Founders, and Founding Members for a new, online Social Initiative, a "For the People, By the People", Crowdsourcing platform. The new platform will target ℕetizens, Digital ℕatives and the ℕinety-ℕine percent of People on the Planet who do not have a meaningful voice in their own affairs.

ℕ-Crowd is a new kind of Social ℕetworking service that provides an innovative framework for managing all kinds of Crowds, including Teams, Project Members, Employees, Physical and/or Virtual Communities, Volunteers, Value Chains, and many other types of groups that need to collaborate and work together.

~ If You Believe A Better Future Is Possible ~ Join The Crowd!

ℕ-Crowd offers a new kind of Crowd-driven Social Networking platform that leverages multi-faceted Collaboration tools including Project Management, Messaging, and Workflow capabilities, along with a flexible Polling system and much more, as a way to help move Ideas, Projects, Causes, and Social Movements forward.

~ A Virtual Gathering Place for Teams and Communities

ℕ-Crowd is intended as an ℕ-Dimensional Portal platform that allows any ℕumber of Crowds to form and collaborate in meaningful ways. Each Crowd manages its own Portal Website, with any ℕumber of Members each having an optional personal website, and with any ℕumber of Projects, any ℕumber of Polls, etc.

~ Get Organized

ℕ-Crowd delivers a flexible Portal-style Interface that enables anyone to run a sophisticated and highly-customizable Web Presence and provides each Member with powerful Collaboration Tools that help them to create and coordinate with their own Crowds.

From quickly setting up simple, Personal and/or Family-oriented portals, to developing and deploying widely distributed, fault-tolerant enterprise systems, this flexible platform provides a powerful starting place for managing a wide variety of common needs.

~ Power To The People!

The World's problems are far too important to leave to the financial elite and/or the elected officials and government bureaucrats who serve them. People from all ℕations of the World need to get involved and take part in creating a healthy and sustainable future for ourselves and future generations.

~ Make Your Voice Heard! Share Your Ideas & Opinions

Organize, Mobilize, Debate, and Vote for What's Important to You. Join the fight regarding Climate Change, Global Injustice, Sustainability, and many other important Global and/or Local Causes. Easy to use Blogs, Wikis, Messaging Apps, WorkFlow Applications, Project & Task Management, plus many more available tools assist Crowds in making a collective impact. 

~ Create Your Own Private Portal

Individuals can create their own Private Portal Workspace that helps them to bring everything that's important to them, together in one convenient place. Anyone can easily manage their own Contacts, Events, Personal & Family Schedules, as well as create their own Public and/or Private Blogs, initiate simple CrowdFunding projects, and beyond. 

You can create your own hosted Virtual Portal system by using an existing ℕ-Crowd instance, and/or you can also download the open-source framework and create your own Portal Supersite.

~ Community-Owned Virtual Corporation

The ℕ-Crowd Project is organized similar to Linux, Wikipedia, and many other Crowd-based software projects and has both Social and Technical aspects, so you can get involved and contribute on virtually any level. As an open-source and open-ended project, there are many things that are needed for us to grow to our full potential, so no matter what your current interests and/or skill-sets are, you can contribute whatever it is that you do and get rewarded in a variety of ways.

~ The Power of Community (Decentralized Collaborative Organizations (DCO))

Unlike traditional organizations where a strict hierarchical structure is used for management and organization, in a Virtual Corporation / DCO, the organization itself is owned by those contributing to it, which means that participants have a clear incentive to further contribute to the organization.

~ The Peer-to-Peer Economy

Each Crowd can optionally create a comprehensive online Trading Community that enables the collective Crowd to perform common commerce-related services like Banking, and Buying and Selling each other's Goods & Services using their own currencies, Crowds can collectively issue Interest-free Credit to Members in order to facilitate Trade without using expensive bank-issued currencies.

~ The Business Case

The ℕ-Crowd revenue model will initially focus on selling IT Services, primarily by acting as an intermediary similar to other popular Crowdsourcing websites. Revenues will be shared among ℕ-Crowd stakeholders, and commissions will be paid to registered ℕ-Crowd agents that recruit new clients and provide related services. 

Our initial business plan will focus on locating strategic clients that share a need to organize and collaborate, and provide them with a low-cost Portal platform that can quickly meet their organizational needs.

From a technical perspective, ℕ-Crowd's unique open-source framework provides sophisticated Integration capabilities that facilitate a flexible, Collaboration-focused Portal environment, and ensures a highly adaptable ℕ-Tier distributed computing platform that can evolve according to changing needs and client-specific instances, etc.

You are invited to join our new N-Crowd Group https://www.linkedin.com/groups/6625788