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About N-Crowd

N-Crowd is a new kind of Social Networking platform that provides an innovative framework for managing all kinds of Crowds, including Teams, Project Members, Employees, Physical and / or Virtual Communities, Volunteers, Value Chains, and many other types of groups that need to collaborate and work together.
From quickly setting up simple, Personal and Family-oriented portals, to developing and deploying widely distributed, fault-tolerant enterprise systems, this flexible platform provides a powerful starting place for managing a wide variety of common collaboration needs. 
You can create your own hosted Virtual Portal system by using an existing N-Crowd instance, or you can download the open-source framework and create your own Portal Supersite, setup a niche Crowdsourcing Network, and/or build your own Next-gen Web platform and beyond. 

Note: We are still getting started with this new project and could really use some help getting things off the ground. If you believe you can help, please consider joining with us, and let's build a better future together. 
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