~ If You Believe A Better Future Is Possible ~ Join The Crowd!

ℕ-Crowd is a new kind of Crowd-driven Social Networking platform that leverages multi-faceted Collaboration tools including Project Management, Messaging, and Workflow capabilities, along with a flexible Polling system and much more, as a way to help move Ideas, Projects, Causes, and Social Movements forward.

~ Power To The People!  
The World's problems are far too important to simply leave to the financial elite and the elected officials and government bureaucrats who serve them. People from all Nations of the World now need to get involved and take part in creating a healthy and sustainable future for ourselves and future generations.

Help Create a ℕew ℕormal that
Works for the ℕighty-ℕine Percent


~ ℕow is the time for all good people to come to the aid of the Planet!

We are on a collision course with massive global issues, including societal collapse, catastrophic war and mass-extinction. Over the next fifty years, we will face challenges greater than any previous generation, and we will need to run our lives, institutions and societies very differently.

Our Only Real Enemy is Ignorance... 

Unfortunately, most people are woefully ignorant of the real problems we face, and this ignorance is primarily brought about through apathy, greed, intentional disinformation, etc. 

~ Help unleash the collective genius and awesome power of the Crowd!

The Internet age provides us with a better solution than ever before to harness the problem-solving prowess of our fellow citizens by leveraging freely-available digital tools and the power of Crowdsourcing that can bring people together and create solution to complex issues. 

 ~ Get Organized
ℕ-Crowd delivers a flexible Portal-style Interface that enables anyone to run a sophisticated and highly-customizable Web Presence and provides each Member with powerful Collaboration Tools that help them to create and coordinate with their own Crowds. You can join existing Crowds that align with your interests, and/or create your own Crowds to focus on what's most important to you.

~ Make Your Voice Heard! Share Your Ideas & Opinions
Easy to use Blogs, Wikis, Messaging Apps, WorkFlow Applications, Project & Task Management, plus many more available tools assist Crowds in making a collective impact. Organize, Mobilize, Debate, and Vote for What's Important to You. Join the fight regarding Climate Change, Global Injustice, Sustainability, and many other important Global and/or Local Causes.


~ The World Is Run By Those Who Show Up...

Note: The -Crowd project is still at an early stage and actively seeking co-founders and investors in order to fully develop this unique concept. If you are interested in getting involved in the N-Crowd project then please consider joining us.