We Are The Ones - We've Been Waiting For!


The evidence is overwhelming that the destructive practices in place globally will have far-reaching negative effects on the future of the planet and its citizens, yet many of our so-called leaders seem to be extremely shortsighted and often support short-term profits for the few, which will inevitably bring about long-term suffering for the many.  

Most people agree that  greedy corporations, corrupt bankers, and bought governments – and the highly destructive policies that these and other special interests promote, are the real root cause of many if not most of our present day social, environmental, and financial problems. 

The Revolution is ℕow!

Engaging Citizens of all Nations as strategic partners in solving, creating, and innovating is a critical priority if we hope to cope with serious challenges, both current and into an increasingly uncertain future.

Be Part of the Solution.

Crowdsourcing now provides a powerful means of harnessing collective knowledge and makes it easy for people everywhere to be part of the solution.

Crowdsourcing has emerged as a great way to tap into the collective intelligence of our communities, and draw power from the participation of the many, rather than the few.


The Power of The Crowd

We’ve now seen firsthand that unlocking the wisdom of the crowds can lead to better solutions. We can all achieve a higher level of success through focused networking, wide-spread collaboration, and global cooperation!

A Platform for All ~ A Community of Helping Hands

Our primary goal is to help enable a variety of innovative solutions for current and future social, economic, environmental, and humanitarian challenges, by offering a free, open-source platform for effective collaboration and cooperation.


~ The World Is Run By Those Who Show Up...

Note: The -Crowd project is still at an early stage and actively seeking sponsors, co-founders and investors in order to fully develop this unique concept. If you are interested in getting involved in the N-Crowd project then please consider joining us.